• Wolf-Sealing elements

    Overview Wolf-Sealing elements (Exclusively available for framework contractors)Wolf sealing elements SSB and QADE [more]

  • Application-specific tests, Installation Videos Wolf joint-sealing systems

    Mechanical and environmental performance of Wolf joint-sealing systems.(Video FO V3) Application-specific tests of the Wolf-joint-sealing systems **  (Video Wolf V1.2) Air-filled sealing cushions for movement joints in bridges **  (Video Wolf V2 QADK) Air-filled sealing cushions for... [more]

  • Installation Videos

    Wolf QADE /V Cable duct sealing and Sealing cable protection ducts. Flexible, reusable swelling-tape coated sealing cushion (Valve)Universal sealing system for cable ducts and service entries in buildings (underground applications) [more]

  • WO07.2 Userinfo

    Expansion-joint sealing cushions (valve) for refurbishing bridges and tunnels.Main Station, Vienna  Expansion joint length 27 m Sealing against the passage of water. Railway bridge over the B522 road Expansion joint length 46 m Sealing against water and stones falling from a height of 7.5 m [more]

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With numerous developments of our own, we have become specialist manufacturers and suppliers in the field of sealing and cable network safety





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