• Wolf-Sealing elements

    22.09.2017 - Overview Wolf-Sealing elements (Exclusively available for framework contractors)Wolf sealing elements SSB and QADE [more]

  • Application-specific tests, Installation Videos Wolf joint-sealing systems

    13.01.2017 - Mechanical and environmental performance of Wolf joint-sealing systems.(Video FO V3) Application-specific tests of the Wolf-joint-sealing systems **  (Video Wolf V1.2) Air-filled sealing cushions for movement joints in bridges **  (Video Wolf V2 QADK) Air-filled sealing cushions for expansion joints in tunnels **   [more]

  • Installation Videos

    22.08.2016 - Wolf QADE /V Cable duct sealing and Sealing cable protection ducts. Flexible, reusable swelling-tape coated sealing cushion (Valve)Universal sealing system for cable ducts and service entries in buildings (underground applications) [more]

  • WO07.2 Userinfo

    18.11.2015 - Expansion-joint sealing cushions (valve) for refurbishing bridges and tunnels.Main Station, Vienna  Expansion joint length 27 m Sealing against the passage of water. Railway bridge over the B522 road Expansion joint length 46 m Sealing against water and stones falling from a height of 7.5 m [more]

  • WO03.15 Newsletter Specialist conference

    23.09.2015 - The opportunity to become acquainted with the innovative Wolf Kabeltechnik GmbH sealing system! Specialist conference Sealing technology, surface protection and leak detection for expansion joints Theory and practice. 22-23.10.2015 Stuttgart In German and English by Fibre Optics CT GmbH [more]

  • WO03.14 News-SVS-QADKV_Protective device

    20.11.2015 - 12th Pilot Project: Sealing of expansion joints against stone chippings and water flow [more]

  • E-WO03.12 News Expansion joint sealing

    21.07.2015 - 11th Pilot project Retro-sealing expansion joints in record time! The large-scale Austrian Rail infrastructure project, begun in June 2009, was completed in only 5 years – and the retro-sealing of a 27 m long expansion joint, the 11th pilot project of Wolf Kabeltechnik, Stuttgart, Germany, was also carried out there in record-breaking time. [more]

  • WO03.11 News-Results of practical tests

    11.02.2015 - Reusable sealing elements with swelling material for sealing cables, ducts and expansion joints against gas diffusion and accumulating water [more]

  • WO03.9 News-Installation of expansion joint sealing

    10.02.2015 - Installation of expansion joint sealing DB Netz AG Regional areas West/Central. Innovative, economical expansion joint renovation, to prevent damage to people or property. [more]

  • WO20.6 QADE/V Selling sealing cushion

    18.08.2014 - Flexible, reusable swelling sealing cushion QADE/V (valve). Universal sealing system for cable ducts and service entries in buildings (underground applications)  [more]

  • WO24.1 Sealing multiple ducts with petrolatum sealing tape

    23.05.2014 - For sealing service entries in buildings and cable duct systems with multiple (double or triple) ducts, micro ducts and/or cables microducts and/or cables by means of sealing elements (valve) and sealing/spacer clips with petrolatum sealing tape. [more]

  • WO03.1 News Cable and duct sealing

    08.04.2014 - Sealing cushion coated with swelling material QAK/V for buildings, FTTH entries and exits for applications in photovoltaic, wind energy and biogas facilities and movement joints or expansion joints etc. [more]

  • FO07.43-PB 127/2013 Test certificate

    27.03.2014 - Reusability of sealing cushions (valve) coated with swelling material. [more]

  • WO01.0 Info sealing system with a valve

    09.05.2014 - Choosing one of the three Wolf sealing systems, depending on customer requirements. Comparison of the accumulated cost of inflatable sealing systems. [more]

  • WO21.1 QADK/V sealing cushion for expansion joints

    09.05.2014 - QADK/V sealing cushion, coated with swelling tape. for longitudinal and/or circular or curved expansion joints.  [more]

  • USER Information

    15.01.2014 - Sealing for expansion joints, cables and annular spaces using sealing cushions (valve) and accessories (Extract from Fibre Optics CT GmbH Training 2DFMS- 1 to 7) [more]

  • FO04.120-PB 141/2013 TEST CERTIFICATE

    19.12.2013 - Comparison in the attenuation change caused by fibre optic water detectors in coloured cabled bend-sensitive and insensitive cabled single-mode fibres [more]

  • WO00.0 News Sealing systems with swelling material

    29.04.2013 - The newest technological trends in "sealing with water-swelling material for cable ducts and movement joints, etc." [more]

  • WO00.0 News Wolf Sensor systems (fiber optic)

    29.04.2013 - The latest technology trends in "detecting water and chemical leaks" [more]

  • WO03.5 News News-Expansion joints

    23.10.2014 - Pressure-filled sealing cushion (valve) for expansion joint sealing. New: Sealing cushion coated with swelling material [more]

  • WO03.3 News Heat pipe sealing

    23.10.2014 - Heat pipe sealing in biogas plants. [more]

  • WO03.6 News photovoltaic systems

    06.02.2013 - Reusable sealing cushions for photovoltaic systems. [more]

  • WO03.4 water detectors

    19.12.2012 - Fibre optic water detectors for the new single mode generation.Early detection and prevention of leakage by water or hazardous substances. [more]

  • 30 years Wolf Kabeltechnik GmbH

    19.12.2012 - In 2012 we celebrate our 30th company anniversary.As a token of thanks to our customers: 30% discount on all sealing element orders received on 13th of every month for items from our special catalogue for 2013. [more]

  • WO03.2 Wind energy News

    19.12.2012 - Cable sealing for onshore wind turbines.New: sealing cushion, coated with swelling material [more]