UA/V cable protective duct sealing

Universal sealing system for special
in the gas and watertight
duct sealing of building service entries

Temperature range
-30°C to +45°C
(+70°C for a short period)


The UA/V is a further development of the T-Com-approved ADE/V sealing system, suitable for applications with specially demanding temperature requirements.


For the subsequent gas and watertight sealing of cable channels and service entries in buildings configured with optical and electrical telecommunication cables and/or medium pipes in the telecommunication sector.


For configurations with more than one cable, the cables are wrapped in sealing tape. The sealing element is inserted in the cable channel or service entry and inflated up to the pressure given in WO 05-3 via the tyre valve. Inflation is with air (CO2-neutral) and therefore environmentally friendly.


On inflation, the sealing element expands to fill the area to be sealed. The element can be removed by simply deflating it via the valve. Specially developed materials prevent permanent adhesion of the element to its surroundings, guaranteeing fast, easy removal.


Available for cable ducts etc. Ø 25mm to > 250 mm