protective device for storage tanks

to prevent the further transport of water and environmentally harmful substances. For storage tanks and disposal sites for hazardous substances.

  • Sealing cushion made of laminated aluminium foil
    with an inner layer of swelling material
  • A vacuum is created inside
    the cushion when in active use

– a further development of the patented valve
   sealing system from Fibre Optics CT GmbH


Construction design of the basic element

The V-QL-ADK/V basic element consists of two lengths of laminated aluminium foil (5-layered, adhesive-coated) with their seams welded together all round. Inside the V-QL-ADK/V basic element there are, depending on the design, one to three welded-on layers of swelling sealing tape (weight > 480 g/m² per layer; layer thickness 4.2 mm). The vacuum is created inside the protective device by means of two tyre valves at each end of the element.


Resistance of the V-QL-ADK/V protective device

  • Very low diffusion rate:
    The ~ 500 µm thick laminated aluminium foil has a diffusion rate of only
    5.7 x 10-8 mbarl/ sec (~ 2,7 mbarl/ year)

  • High notching resistance 37 N/cm²
    Test conditions: stones of grit size 5-8 mm, slab 100x200 mm
    with a surface unevenness of up to 20 mm or with 3 x M16 bolts

Watertightness 10 m water column
Watertight even after damage e.g. slits in the laminated foil,
thanks to self-healing material