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Liquid and Diffusion blocking layer

  • Aluminium composite film, thermo-
    laminated with swelling material,
    (weight 955 g/m²)
  • Diffusion rate < 2,7 mbarl/year
  • Prevents emissions
  • High notch resistance
  • Burst pressure resistant 40 N/cm²
  • Liquid-safe
  • Non-shrinking, dimensionally stable
  • The ideal alternative to all other types
    of sealing element, such as bitumen
    membranes, joint tapes, metal sheets,

Product information:

  • VF-QV-DES Liquid & Diffusion blocking layer consists of a 500 µm thick PE- PET aluminium-PE composite film, thermo-laminated on one side with swelling sealing tape (Art.No. 22.1 QV-DB, 480 g/m². Patent pending, Fibre Optics CT GmbH.
  • Tight retro-sealing of welding seams or expansion joints against liquids e.g. water, pH2 (HCl), pH12 (NaOH) and water mixtures with 80% petrol, diesel, kerosene, oil or paraffin oil.
  • Delivery dimensions: standard width 1 m, length 25 m or customised basic elements, widths up to 10 m, lengths up to approx. 100 m.
  • Processing: two or more basic elements are placed in position one on top of the other, with the light swelling-material side to the damp or dry structural surfaces and joints, which may be of various materials e.g. protective concrete, steel, stainless steel, natural stone, brick, plastic, etc and fixed with screws, nails or glue. The joins are covered with sealing compound, Art. No. 29.2 U-ADMF 290 ml (cartridge). Art. No. FlexproofX®1 can be used to attach the basic elements to walls, containers etc.
  • Alternatively, the customised blocking layer can be covered with structurally identical composite film strips, 100 mm wide in the overlap areas. The film strips are then hot-gas welded to the underlying basic element, to make them resistant to tension and compression.

    [Note: the VF-QV-DES blocking layer must be appropriately weighed down from above, in order to withstand the thrust force. For example, 1 m water column = 1 N/cm² = 100 g/cm².]