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VF-QV thermo-laminated liquid-blocker

Blocker that is resistant to notching, bursting-and liquids, does not shrink, no alteration in length



  • VF-QV liquid blocker consists of a thermo-laminated water-swelling nonwoven seal, up to 500 µm thick and coated on one side with a layer of PE-PET aluminium-PE laminate, 480 g/m², product group 22.1.

Areas of application:

  • Watertight retro-sealing of expansion joints and/ or cracks. (Note: The thermolaminated QV liquid blocker must be weighted down from above in order to withstand the thrust force (water column), e.g: 1m water column = 1 N/cm² = 100 g/m² and/or glued in position using accessories from product group 31.
  • Sealing against impact, bursting-pressure and water entry for the following areas:
    - Building sites: for sealing for cracks and expansion joints
    - Pipeline construction: for covering welding seams
    - Transport and storage: for machine parts