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  • WO 05.4 Short installation instructions


Sealing set for 3 ducts/ cables

for sealing service entries in buildings and cable duct systems with multiple (double or triple) ducts, micro ducts and/or cables

The sealing set consist of sealing elements and sealing clips, and provides an economical alternative for the subsequent sealing of cable access manholes, service entries in buildings with multiple duct and cable systems and microducts in technical buildings, transformer stations or substations. A substitute for shrink and rubber gasket technologies.

The sealing element and clip are inserted into the cable channel or service entry etc. and inflated up to the pressure given in WO 50.3 via the tyre valve. Inflation is with air (CO2-neutral) and therefore environmentally friendly.

On inflation, the sealing element expands to fill the area to be sealed. The element can be removed by simply deflating it via the valve. Specially developed materials prevent permanent adhesion of the element to its surroundings, guaranteeing fast, easy removal.

The sealing elements are certified on the basis of Deutsche Telekom technical specification TS 0307/96 (Test method for ADE sealing elements for cable-configured ducts).



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