Sealing and spacer clip

For multi-configured cable ducts, you also need our sealing tape or a sealing clip. Sealing clips make sealing, simple, quick and easy. Any empty cable space can be filled using a length of dummy tubing as a placeholder.



Sealing and spacer clip ADS-3K (3 compartments):

The reusable sealing clip ADS-3K is made of polypropylene. Around the outer surface it has a strip of elastic sealing tape, which has ideal sealing properties and does not adhere permanently to other parts.

It facilitates quick, simple removal or subsequent retrofitting. In combination with the reusable (valve) sealing element, tightness is attained against temporary buildups of water, or pressurised water up to < 4 m water column with temperature fluctuation (conductor short circuit), based on the require-ments of DIN VDE 0278-629-1, DIN 61442.

Various versions are available:

All three compartments can only take the same cable Ø.. Size options: for cable Ø: 26-32 mm, 32-38 mm, 38-44 mm and 44 – 50 mm.

For special dimensions:
The individual compartments can be produced with a thickening layer of EPDM A-KF, so that they can fit different cable Ø, e.g. 26-28 mm, 28 – 30 mm, 30-32 mm, 36-38 mm, 38 - 40 mm and 48 – 50 mm.