Technical information
and applications

2K-AM280 Quick-drying 2-component-repair mortar

This quick-drying 2-component repair mortar is used to fill chipped concrete edges and/or to smooth out uneven surfaces.


Available in:

280 ml
double cartridges



  • Economical, reliable repairs for chipped concrete. For normal concrete, reinforced or plain.
  • Can be used on dry or wet concrete (but not in water-filled concrete building elements)
  • Delivered in handy 280 ml double-cartridge packs. Suitable for use in difficult installation circumstances (e.g. when the job is overhead, or requires standing on a ladder etc.).
  • Processable within temperature range +5°C to +35°C
  • Takes only 6 minutes to process! Drying-out time: 45 min at 20°C.
  • Where expansion or construction joint are in areas needing repair, the QADK/V (valve) sealing cushions can either be fitted after the chipped concrete has been repaired, or in two stages.