PKDM-ST Sealing compound

sealing compound against gas diffusion

Sealing compound against
gas diffusion and non-
accumulating water seepeage.


Delivery package:
Rolls Ø 27 mm or Ø 19 mm,
Length 300 mm

Universally applicable sealing compound for cables, ducts and electrical cabinets. The economic way to seal unoccupied or cable-configured ducts, house service entries, electrical cabinets etc.

Fulfils the requirements laid down by DIN 18195-1, 18195-5 and 18195-6 August 2006 for proofing buildings against gas diffusion and temporary seepage from ground, slope and/or surface water



  • Installation-friendly!
    Extremely flexible, workable in a cold state, easy to remove
  • Keeps ist shape, resistant to small animals and
    rodents at temperature range -90°C to +70°C
  • No leaking or dripping
  • Does not contain any substances harmful to people or the environment
  • Workable without any special safety measures