Technical information
and applications

PUR gel potting compound

Fast-reacting, water-active
PUR gel potting compound,


in double cartridges
825 ml , 490 ml or 345 ml

PUR gel potting compound was designed by Fibre Optics CT GmbH for sealing applications for movements joint and has been optimised with water binding agent additives. Itsmain features are low viscosity and rapid reaction time.

PUR gel potting compound is highly elastic and waterproof, and can be used as extra sealing for movement joints, following the installation of inflatable (valve) sealing elements (Wolf Art. No. 21), providing an economical and reliable seal for specially demanding tightness requirements.



  • Does away with the need for time-consuming injection-borehole drilling at intervals of < 50 cm along the length of the movement joint.
  • No danger of damage to buildings due to additional drilling.
  • No pollution of the working environment.
  • Fast curing time for the PUR gel and water binder. Low operational viscosity (300 mPa.s) and fast reaction time (approx. 1 to 2.5 minutes).
  • Simple application, with double cartridges and dispenser gun