Technical information
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universal sealing compound

highly flexible universal
sealing compound


Available in:
In 290 ml cartridges

Quick-curing, permanently flexible, general-purpose sealing compound for gastight and watertight sealing of joints, building service entries, cables and ducts. Suitable for exposure to extreme weather conditions.

The compound makes it easy and quick to seal joints > 4 mm in width, service entries, cables and multi-configured ducts in the field of FTTx networks – “the last mile”, without any need for pretreatment. Tightness: up to 5 m water column.

The product fulfils the requirements of DIN 18195-1, 18195-5 and 18195-6 August 2006 for water-proofing buildings against gas diffusion and temporary seepage from ground, slope and/or surface water.


Product description

U-ADMF is a highly elastic, strongly adhesive, single-component sealing compound which has been specially developed to resist the high alkalinity of concrete. It can be used on damp or dry concrete, steel, stainless steel, natural stone, plastics etc. without the need for pretreatment with a primer. The sealing compound is the perfect solution where the structural elements are exposed to extreme weather conditions on a long-term basis.

Furthermore, the high elasticity and strong adhesion of the U-ADMF allow movement to be accommodated without any loss of sealing power. The cartridges can be processed in conventional dispensing guns, available in DIY markets. Hardening to a permanent, highly flexible joint seal only takes a few hours.