ADE/V cable protective duct sealing

Reusable sealing system
ADE /V (valve)

Temperature range

- 15°C to + 30°C (5°F to 86 °F)
for a short time + 45°C (113 °F)

Subsequent gas and watertight sealing of cable ducts and service entries in buildings containing optical and electrical telecommunication cables and/or medium pipes within the telecommunication sector.

If the configuration has over one cable, the cables must be wrapped in sealing tape. The sealing element is inserted in the cable duct or service entry etc. and inflated with air (CO2-neutral, environmentally friendly) via the tyre valve up to the filling pressure prescribed in WO 05-3.

As it inflates, the sealing element adapts to fit the space to be sealed. The element can be removed by releasing the air through the valve.

Speciall developed materials prevent permanent adhesion of the sealing element with ist surroundings and guarantee simple, speedy removal.


Available for cable ducts and service entries in buildings Ø 25 to 150 mm