MaxCell Inerduct & Wolf ADE/V

MaxCell Inerduct & Wolf ADE/V

The ideal solution for
your duct system!


MaxCell Innerduct is a super-flexible, extra-light, easy-to-handle system for multiple ducts, specially designed for the needs of telecommunication. The MaxCell Innerduct divider maximises the available duct space, thus considerably reducing investment costs. The combination with Wolf sealing elements provides a perfect system for retrofitting cables in existing cable ducts.


The sealing element is inserted in the duct fitted with Inner-duct, positioned around the individual cables that are to be sealed and then inflated via the tyre valve. To remove, the sealing element is simply deflated, thereby reducing the installation costs for retrofitting cables.


Specially developed materials prevent the sealing element from adhering permanently to its surroundings and guarantee fast, easy removal.


Available for cable ducts etc. Ø 50 mm and 125 mm