Requirements for the tightness
testing of duct systems

Testing criteria for the certification
of duct and cable tightness

Duct measuring system

Measuring technology for
duct systems, for checking…

Tightness of duct systems


Leaking ducts or cable sheaths carry the risk of high follow-on costs for damage to people or property. It is therefore in your own interests to certify (with a test report) the tightness of ducts and cables before the ducts are installed, before and after cables are laid and when all is in operation.


The measuring set consists of:

  • a precision measuring device with a data logger
  • PC software
  • Tube end adapters etc.
  • Stainless steel pressure sensors, 0-3500 mbar

and analyses:

  • Blow-in pressure 0 – 16 bar for carrying out tightness checks on duct systems straight after set-up

The recorded measurements are documented in accordance with ZTV-TK Netz 12