Safety for your cable network

With the specially designed and patented optical water sensor, Wolf Kabeltechnik GmbH makes it possible for you to protect your optical cable network from faults caused by water.

Water sensor applications:

in underground joint boxes     WO44 water sensor wave lenght 1550 nm or 1625nm
in joint boxes in buildings     WO45 Fibre optic warning system

Leaking ducts or cable sheaths carry the risk of high follow-up costs. This is one reason why it is important to have certified evidence (with test report) of duct and cable tightness before duct installation, before and after cable-laying and during operation.     WO51 measuring system for monitoring tightness



Product range

Optical fiber water detector
wavelength 1550 nm or 1625 nm
for monitoring underground joint boxes
in the ground / underground works

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Fiber optic
warning system
for detecting
water entry
in buildings

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measuring system
for monitoring
tightness of
duct systems

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Fiber optic water detectors




for the new singlemode fibre generation.

Fibre optic sensor for the early detection of water entry in
joint boxes and prevention of network failure due to water.

Download:  WO03.4 Wasserdetektoren (German)