Water warning system

The fibre optic water
warning system for
monitoring buildings

The fibre optic water warning system detects the precise location of water entry in buildings quickly and reliably. This is independent of whether the water is the result of a burst water pipe, faulty sealing in service entries/ exits or leaking tanks, sprinkler systems etc.

It is always advisable to update the protection of building complexes. If water entry is detected early on, damage can be avoided, which is particularly important in security areas or places subject to the risk of explosion. A fully-automated monitoring system in a building or facility will trigger off an automatic alarm signal, pinpointing the problem area in the monitoring centre, so that the fault can be dealt with.


Advantages of monitoring

  • Reduction of costs for damage and insurance
  • The transmission paths used for monitoring are compatible with standard telcom facilities (LAN and WAN)
  • Monitoring can cover distances from a few metres up to 40 km
  • No electrical connections (no amplification)
  • Suitable for security areas and areas subject to danger from hazardous materials or explosion
  • Suitable for corrosive or electromagnetic environments